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Umbrella Roofing Nail are generally used to connect wooden components with a length of 4-8cm.The main material is carbon steel.
To understand its own characteristics, and then operate according to its own characteristics.

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Material: low carbon steel wire, Q195,SAE1008
Tensile Strength:300~500 N/mm2
Surface finish: Electro galvanized.
Shank: Smooth,Twisted
Feature : Our umberella roofing nails is very hard, with umberella head, smooth or twist shank,sharp-end,without any rust.

1. Common packing is inside and then carton outside
2. Boxes inside and then carton outside
3. Plastic inside then woven bag or hessen bag outside.
5.Any other packing as per your requirement.

Application: construction ,sand casting ,furniture repairing,wooden case etc.

Surface finish: Polish, plating zinc, blue finish
Shank: Smooth,Twisted

 Roofing Nails Specification  

Specification Length (mm) Rod diameter(mm) Head diameter(mm)
bwg8*2" 50.8 4.19 20
bwg8*2-1/2" 63.5 4.19 20
bwg8*3" 76.2 4.19 20
bwg9*1-1/2" 38 3.73 20
bwg9*2" 50.8 3.73 20
bwg9*2-1/2" 63.5 3.73 20
bwg9*3" 76.2 3.73 20
bwg10*1-3/4" 44.5 3.37 20
bwg10*2" 50.8 3.37 20
bwg10*2-1/2" 63.5 3.37 20
bwg11*1-1/2" 38 3.02 18
bwg11*1-3/4" 44.5 3.02 18
bwg11*2" 50.8 3.02 18
bwg11*2-1/2" 63.5 3.02 18
bwg12*1-1/2" 38 2.74 18
bwg12*1-3/4" 44.5 2.74 18
bwg12*2" 50.8 2.74 18

Umbrella roofing nails with smooth or twist shank

1) Product Specifications: 8G, 9G, 10G, 11G, 12G, 13G
2) Length: 1 1/4"---3 1/2".
3) Shank Diameter: 8G-13G
4) Material : Q215 Carbon steel
5 ) Point: diamond point
6) Surface treatment: Polished, electro galvanized, hot-dip galvanized
7) Description: umbrella head, smooth body, twist body
8) Package: Bulk packing; carton, bag, wooden box:
9) Certification: ISO9001:2000
10) Min order: 5ton for trial order quantity
11) Loading qty: 20-25tons per 20"fcl
12) Delivery Time: 10-15days after receive deposit payment

Shanked roofing nail main parameter
8BWG*2 9BWG*1.5 10BWG*1.75
8BWG*2.5 9BWG*2 10BWG*2
8BWG*3 9BWG*2.5 10BWG*2.5
8BWG*4 9BWG*3 10BWG*3


H.D.C roofing nail main parameter
Specification 8BWG*1.5 9BWG*1.5 10BWG*1.75
8BWG*2 9BWG*2 10BWG*2
8BWG*3 9BWG*2.5 10BWG*2.5
8BWG*4 9BWG*3 10BWG*3
11BWG*1.5 12BWG*1.75 13BWG*1.75
11BWG*2 12BWG*2 13BWG*2


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