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cut wire is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting tocertain sizes after being straightened. Wire materials for straight cut wire can be bright iron wire, annealed wire, electric galvanized wire,PVc coated iron wire or painted iron wire. lt is easy for transport and handle,finds popular application in construction, handicrafts or daily use.

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Cutting wire is made of annealed wire, galvanized wire, coated wire, paint wire and other wire, according to customer requirements straighten the cut after the cut. Products with easy to transport, easy to use features. Widely used in the construction industry, handicrafts, daily civilian and other fields. According to the specific requirements of customers,processing customized all kinds of special specifications products.

This product is to cut off various wire wires according to the customer's requirements. The product has the characteristics of convenient transportation and use. Widely used in the construction industry, handicrafts and daily civilian use.

Material: balck annealed wire, bright wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire.
Size: BWG6#-25#
Length : 15cm--1000cm
Use: Widely used in construction,handcraft,daily use and so on
Package: with plastic film and then carton

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